How to Trim Your Out of Control Mustache

Growing a mustache is only half the battle. The other – and arguably more important – half is the ability to maintain it. Whether you’re rocking the handlebars, a fu man chu, or something decidedly more practical, a good mustache starts and stops with proper maintenance.

So, I assume by now you’re either nodding your head in agreement, or wondering how on earth you can tame that face mane of yours. Fear not, I’ve got you covered, and in 7 easy steps no less.

Step 1: Grow a mustache. Easy, right? Moving on…

Step 2: Find a location with good lighting, access to water, and a mirror that it large enough to do the job. A magnifying mirror or shaving mirror works best. If it’s edge lit, that’s even better.

Step 3: Wet your mustache. A dry mustache is a bit more unruly, and it’s much harder to shave, and/or trim to your liking. Ensure that your luscious facial hair is properly moistened before beginning so that you come out looking more like the dapper gentleman that you are.

Step 4: Comb it. Using a small comb with narrowly spaced teeth is best to get the job done. Run the comb in an up to down motion to comb the hair down so that you ensure a smooth and even trim.

Step 5: Trim. Take a small pair of trimming scissors and go around the edges of the mustache to remove any uneven hair. It’s important to do this before grabbing the facial hair clippers, as shorter hairs are infinitely more difficult to cut with trimming scissors. Just follow the shape of your mouth, and then trim each side as well as the area under the nose. Avoid trimming the hair above your upper lip too short, as it has a sort of recoil effect when it dries. So while the hair might look perfect wet, it could look far too short when dry.

Step 6: Grab the clippers and trim to desired overall length. If you want a thin mustache, use a lower numbered guard (for example, a #2), or for thicker facial hair with some extra bulk, grab the higher numbered guards, such as a #4 or higher.

Step 7: Give your mustache a final rinse to remove any unwanted hair that could be stuck after trimming/clipping. For thicker mustaches, a bit of beard or facial hair oil can help to maintain the sheen as well as softening the hair. It’s up to you.

That’s it. You’ve now learned how to trim your mustache, without ever leaving the house. Remember, for a well-groomed look – and to avoid that out of control facial hair – you should be trimming your mustache at least once per week. If you are one of the lucky ones with fast-growing facial hair, twice a week (or more) is more appropriate to maintain your new look.

Get to trimming!

Photo: Getty Images