Sony Combines Smartphone with Smart Glasses in New Design

Sony has filed a patent that pairs a smartphone with smart glasses, resulting in a bizarre amalgamation of future tech that could actually prove to be incredibly useful.

The focal point of the new design is allowing the user to look at information whilst taking a phone call. As manufacturers continue to eradicate every function of smartphones that don’t fit within their user-friendly ethos, there has still yet to be a satisfactory workaround for operating a phone whilst talking on it without the use of a device that allows you to go hands-free, such as a Bluetooth headset.


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While not necessarily a major gripe, Sony is nonetheless looking to solve this problem by introducing a heads-up display attached to the bottom of a smartphone, that can be adjusted to match the eye-level of the user. This smart lens will then display information whilst the user is taking their call, which can range from anything between videos and images sent across by those they are engaged in a phone call with, to pulling up information from the web. For instance, if you’re in a phone meeting with your manager, they can shoot you across the typical array of spreadsheets etc. without you having to go to your PC in order to take a look at them, as Sony’s device will grant you the ability to view them using your smartphone’s attached smart glasses.

But the most inventive idea for the device is Sony’s plan to allow it to capture a three-dimensional view of the user’s field of vision, as outlined by Declassifiled. We’re not entirely sure what potential uses this feature could have, but this kind of capability being accessible on a hybrid is impressive enough on its own merits. 

How Sony implements this fusion between smartphone and smart glasses into its product line remains to be seen, but at the very least it should prove to be more attractive than the company’s astonishingly ugly SmartEyeGlass. It could also introduce many users to smart glasses for the first time, what with the Google Glass falling on deaf ears with consumers, as the introduction of the tech to a smartphone could certainly prove to be a more attractive prospect to those who aren’t particularly on board with the whole wearable tech craze.