T-fal OptiGrill Maximizes a Man’s Kitchen Space


Many young, single men face a couple challenges as they design their kitchens at home. They have limited space in that apartment or small house, and they need compact appliances to aid them in cooking those private meals.

The T’fal OptiGrill can help in both departments. It’s compact enough to fit on even the most restricted kitchen counter and advanced enough to handle preparation of more ambitious meals.

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The OptiGrill is often compared to the iconic George Foreman Grill. It’s slanted forward to allow fat and grease to cook out of meat safely where it’s collected in a container beneath the grill. But, the comparison ends there.

Sensors built into the OptiGrill automatically detect the thickness of meat or whatever is on the grilling surface and adapts cooking time to the food. There are also preset cooking settings for six types of food that guys frequent — burgers, poultry, sandwiches, sausage, red meat and fish.


The OptiGrill also monitors the progress of whatever is on it, offering a light that changes from yellow to red to let a man know how is meal progress and when it’s ready to serve.

Until other grills that simply prepare protein, the OptiGrill’s additional features make it a well-designed and contact kitchen tool that can prepare entire meals — including multiple courses. Testing shows the chef needs to keep an eye on the preparation, even when aided by the OptiGrill A.I. Still, for guys looking to add another appliance to the mere microwave, the OptiGrill stands in nicely.