First Look At Artwork For DC’s Poison Ivy, Firestorm, Swamp Thing and More!

This year, the Comic-Con news cycle is starting early! DC Comics has gotten a jump on the San Diego Comic-Con International and announced 8 new six-issue miniseries that are slated to come out in early 2016.

Perhaps the most anticipated new title will focus on Poison Ivy, the popular Batman villainess who is finally getting her own storyline courtesy of writer Amy Chu. A Poison Ivy promo image by Guillem March has also been revealed.

Poison Ivy - Guillem March

“We know [Ivy], but we don’t really know her,” said Chu while speaking to USA Today. There’s so much opportunity to build her world without the burden of continuity. And let’s face it, writing villains is more fun.”

Several DC Comics veterans are also returning to characters that they co-created decades ago. First up is writer Gerry Conway on the Firestorm miniseries.


Outsiders co-creator Mike W. Barr is slated to write Katana: Cult of the Kobra.


Len Wein is back for two miniseries, including Swamp Thing. The character treatment artwork below was drawn by Kelly Jones.


Wein is also writing the Metal Men miniseries, and the accompanying artwork was done by Jonboy Meyers.

Metal Men

New Teen Titans co-creator Marv Wolfman will be handling the Raven miniseries. No artwork from that miniseries is currently available. Aaron Lopresti is writing the new Metamorpho miniseries, and he drew the Metamorpho image below.


But the most astonishing reboot is the one that writer Keith Giffen has for Sugar & Spike, a comic book toddler duo that was popular at DC during the ‘50s and ‘60s. Giffen’s Sugar & Spike takes place in the present, with the former comic book stars now entrenched in the DC Universe as private investigators who take on the cases that superheroes can’t handle on their own.

Sugar and Spike Cover

The final art teams for these miniseries has not been announced, and none of the images released today are final covers.

For more info about these projects, check out CraveOnline’s Comic-Con coverage, which begins later this week!