Exclusive: First Look At Darwyn Cooke’s Starfire # 3 Variant Cover

In the new era of DC You, Starfire has stepped away from Red Hood and Arsenal as she starts the next chapter of her life in a brand new Starfire ongoing series by the husband and wife writing duo, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner alongside superstar–artist-in-the-making, Emanuela Lupacchino!

Starfire # 3 will be out next week, but first, CraveOnline is proud to present the exclusive reveal of artist Darwyn Cooke’s stunning variant cover for the issue!

Starfire 3 Variant Cover

In addition to doing several variant covers for DC, Cooke is well known for his stint on Catwoman, as well as his instant classic miniseries, DC: The New Frontier, and his incredible work on the adaptation of Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter. Outside of comics, Cooke was a storyboard artist for Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series, a director on Men In Black: The Series and the designer of the main title sequence for Batman Beyond

As for the issue of Starfire itself, here’s the official blurb from DC Comics for # 3.

“Starfire picks up the pieces and finds her new home in the aftermath of the storm! But while our hero helps her community heal, a creature from the underworld emerges to threaten all she hopes to protect! What is this creature’s hidden motive? And why does it seem to get bigger every time Starfire punches it?”

Starfire # 3 will soar into comic shops on Wednesday, August 12. But check back on CraveOnline on Monday, August 10th for an exclusive preview from Starfire # 3!