TECH SPIN | The Basis Peak: Get Your Ass Out Of That Chair

Nowadays there’s a push to make smart wearables all-singing and all-dancing in a bid to make them appear to be as vital as smartphones. In truth, this is never going to be the case (at least not in the near future), and those who don’t have the money to blow on an Apple Watch will instead likely look for a wearable that, rather than being a Jack of all trades but a master of none, will instead focus upon one specific area and excel in it. Enter the Basis Peak, a relatively affordable new smartwatch that is one of the very best fitness trackers on the market.

The biggest selling point for the Basis Peak is how automated it is, with it eradicating the need for you to manually switch between different modes in order to monitor your workout and your sleeping patterns. It simply collects all that data for you on the fly, so you needn’t remember to change modes depending upon which data you’d like it to record.

In terms of fitness, the Basis Peak monitors your calories burned, steps taken, skin temperature, perspiration and heart rate during your daily routine, with it also able to adjust your weekly goals based upon your performance. Have you decided to commit to a grueling daily workout? Well the smartwatch will change up the amount it expects from you in order for you to maximize the effectiveness of your fitness regime. Likewise, if you’re starting things off slowly, the Peak won’t push you to the brink of exhaustion.

The Peak matches its accomplished fitness features with a sleep tracker, monitoring when you fall asleep and wake up during an evening (or morning, if you’re a night owl), with it also displaying the amount of time it suggests your body has in order to improve mental focus and memory, along with telling you if your body is getting enough repair time during your sleep. It also registers when you’re getting an uncomfortable night’s sleep, before outlining plans that will aid you in ensuring you wake up in the morning as energized as possible.

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While the Peak’s software is technically agnostic in that it is not closely affiliated with iOS nor Android, it seems that the smartwatch is more Apple-friendly given some syncing issues that can unfortunately be experienced on the Android version of the mobile app, due to it not supporting some smartphones carrying the operating system. It’s still manageable, but it isn’t as efficient as the likes of the Jawbone app.

Its design is also a little hit and miss; while it sports a super comfortable, soft silicon band as a wrist strap, with there also being the option of a vented strap (available in five different colors) or a classier leather look, the design of its watch face is a little unappealing when compared with some of its peers. With that being said, its aircraft grade aluminium casing is wonderfully lightweight, meaning that while it isn’t exactly eye-catching, it is perfect for daily use – you’ll barely even notice that it’s on your wrist, and that’s one of the highest compliments you can give a fitness tracker.

In terms of extra features, the Basis Peak also allows you to send out text messages and emails, make phone calls and create calendar notices, with it also sending out little notifications when you’re on track to completing one of your fitness goals or nudging you when you’re slacking.

At $199.99 the Basis Peak is one of the best fitness trackers available around its price point, with its sleep-focused features also helping you to get on track to achieving a healthier lifestyle, and a lightweight design that will ensure you won’t have any problems with it on your wrist all day.


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