Lois Lane Outs Clark Kent as Superman

 In DC Comics’ Free Comic Book Day special, Divergence, the company revealed the surprising new status quo for Superman. Everyone in the world now knows that Clark Kent is the Man of Steel, who hid among them by simply covering his face with glasses.

While the full story behind Superman’s outing won’t be revealed until the release of Superman # 41 later this month, DC Comics has released a promo image of The Daily Planet article that blew open his secret. And the author is none other than Lois Lane, Superman’s longtime love interest.


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Lois Lane has been around in the Superman mythos since the very beginning in 1938. Lois Lane and Clark Kent were even married in 1996 before the New 52 reboot wiped the marriage away in 2011 in favor of Superman and Wonder Woman romance.

Within the current Superman comics, the abilities of the main character are wildly fluctuating and he is no longer as powerful as he used to be. The Daily Planet article even sows mistrust in the Man of Steel by calling into question his motives for posing as Clark Kent, and it even quotes Superman’s greatest enemy, Lex Luthor!

In comics, Superman’s identity has been revealed before. But it would take epic amounts of BS to undo this particular reveal. DC is pushing this storyline as if the entire concept of Superman’s secret identity is gone for good. But this is still comics, so never bet against a restoration of the status quo.

Superman # 41 will be released on June 24, from the creative team of artist John Romita, Jr. and incoming writer Gene Luen Yang.

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