Sony’s X900C is a 4KTV That’s Thinner Than Your Smartphone

Sony is gearing itself up to dominate the TV market this year, with the company having unveiled a heap of new models during CES 2015 earlier this year, which they’re now planning to release on a commercial level.

The company has been talking up its upcoming batch of Android TVs, which utilize the operating system in order to bring a variety of apps to the user including Netflix and PS Now, a gaming platform that allows the streaming of a myriad of PlayStation 3 titles. The most immediately impressive of these is undoubtedly the X900C, a model which Sony has branded the “thinnest LED TV in the world.”


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While we haven’t got the resources to research into whether or not this is true, it’s difficult to see how a TV could possibly be any thinner. At 0.2 inches, it’s thinner than mostly every smartphone available on the market right now, with its screen becoming almost invisible when turned sideways.

Sony has also announced the X930C and X940C, with the former measuring in it 65-inches and retailing for $4,449, while the latter comes in at a whopping 75-inches and will retail for $8000. Both TVs boast a 4K resolution along with HDR support, meaning that their visual splendor will not be compromised by their somewhat excessive size.

The X940C is set to be the company’s flagship model, with it boasting Sony’s patented Triluminous display to enhance color accuracy. Like its peers it will also make use of Sony’s 4K Processor X1 to improve clarity and contrast, whilst also analyzing and upscaling 4K resolutions to ensure that 4K films and shows viewed on platforms such as Netflix are now boast improved picture quality.

A divisive addition, however, is its front-facing speakers, which add great width to the TV and are unfortunately not removable. While they undoubtedly make for better sound quality straight out of the box, as many opt to purchase separate speakers for their home entertainment units, the mandatory inclusion of these speakers could be deemed a little off-putting by some.

But that is just a small quibble in what is an excellent range from Sony, who are continuing to greatly improve their reputation as TV manufacturers and look all but guaranteed to gain a strong foothold on the fledgling 4K TV industry.


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