Woolworths Confirm Development of Apple Watch App


Aussie Apple fans may already have a use for the new Apple Watch when it launches on April 24.

Woolworths have confirmed to CraveOnline Australia that they are developing an app for the new wearable, but at this stage are not able to confirm the features that the app will include.

Rumours began to circulate after eagle-eyed observers noticed that, during the launch of the new device, the home screen showed an app featuring the distinctive Woolworths logo.

While Woolies haven’t confirmed what the watch app will do, the supermarket chain does already have iOS and Android apps which include features such as in-store product locations, access to purchase history, products and personalised specials, and online shopping lists. All of these could be included on the phone app, making things just that bit more convenient.

The Apple Watch is also enabled with NFC, which may allow the Woolworths app to tie in with the Apple Pay system when it launches in Australia.

The Apple Watch, which ranges in price from $499 for the entry-level “Sport” model, to over $14,000 for the 18-karat gold “Edition”, has been anticipated for months since it was announced last year, but has received mixed reviews since launching on Monday.