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Treat Yourself to an Apple Watch Charger That’s Always Where You Need It

Apple Watches are compact, comfortable wearables, but Apple Watch chargers can’t always say the same. However, this Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychain is compact, dangles from your keys until you need it, and it’s on sale for only $19.99 (Reg. $49). 

If you’re out long enough that your Apple Watch battery starts to flag, you probably don’t want to carry one of the big bulky Apple Watch chargers around with you. It kind of defeats the purpose of having this compact, super-convenient tiny computer on your wrist if you always end up sitting on the floor next to an outlet waiting for a charge. Instead, just use this handy keychain tool.

Wireless with a built-in 950 mAh battery, you just need to charge this keychain in advance and leave it with your keys until you need it. You may not know when you’re going to have a 12-hour workday or when you’re going to totally forget to put your Apple Watch on to charge overnight, but you can make sure you know there’s a simple solution if it happens. 

One user writes, “This little charger is on both of our key rings. We’ve had to use it already and it works like a charm. Got home and recharged it.” When you need a charger to come in clutch, look no further than your keys.

When your Apple Watch needs some power, using this little charger is simple, and you shouldn’t even need to take it off your keys. Just pop your watch onto the magnetic charging surface. Once you see the bright LEDs indicating a charge, you’re good. Though its size might be a novelty, the keychain charger is still safe to use and has protection built in for overheating, over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuiting. 

Another verified reviewer writes, “This is a great charger for my Apple Watch. I bought it for when I travel, I just went to Florida, it fits in my purse and it has held 5 charges so far. It’s extremely handy and also quick to recharge.”

You don’t need to keep one of those bulky, annoying Apple Watch chargers with you whenever you go out for a long time. Instead, get an Apple Watch Wireless Keychain Charger for $19.99 (Reg. $49). 

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