Tony Horton of P90X Talks Status of Home Fitness

The home fitness series P90 has a reputation for being the most intense training program of its kind, and creator Tony Horton is upping the intensity in its latest incarnation.

Whether aspiring fitness fanatics take in via DVD or its app, P90 works across multiple disciplines with the intention of never repeating a daily routine of exercise. Cross-training in the extreme, P90 demands daily use across its intensity levels for 90 days for immediate results.

As P90 Ultimate arrives, I caught up with Horton for a quick look at what he thinks makes P90 offers the man looking to sweat in the privacy of his own living room. We removed the exclamation points to protect the innocent because Mr. Horton tends to get excited about fitness, evidently.

Crave Online: What makes P90 more effective than the other DVD or online based DIY fitness programs?

Tony Horton: P90 is a gateway to getting fit regardless of your age or fitness level. It’s a program that opens the door to people who aren’t ready for or aren’t interested in an extreme program like P90. The workouts are simple, doable and fun, yet still incredibly effective.

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 P90, in all its forms, is a home based exercise program. That seems like a double edged sword for some. You have the convenience of working out when you like privately. But, it also relies entirely on self-discipline and overcoming the comfort of home. How does a P90 user take advantage of the former and lose the latter?

This question isn’t unique to P90. To get results from P90 or any other home-based program, you need to commit yourself to following the program as directed and confirm to healthy eating habits. To date, millions of people have successfully completed our Beachbody programs and have seen great results — all by committing to their goal of getting healthy and fit.

Where should a new user start in the program for those early stages when the body is just waking up to getting in shape again?

P90 comes with two easy to follow 90-day schedules. It’s a progressive schedule that intentionally increases in intensity every 30 days.


The P90 DVD system currently sells for $119.95.