Valentine’s Day Cocktails To Booze Up Your Loved One


Every year, on February 14th, people all over the country give gifts of candy, cards, flowers and giant teddy bears to their “Valentine” to express their love. Valentines Day falls on a Saturday this year. This means that your loved one expects an even bigger, more loved filled day than usual.

Valentine’s Day has a long and mysterious history. It’s believed that the romance-filled day has its roots in ancient Rome. The Catholic Church has listed three different Saints with the name “Valentine” or a similar moniker, but it’s unclear which if any were the basis for the holiday. One story has Valentine helping Christians escape Roman persecution. For his good deeds, Valentine was imprisoned. During his time in jail, it is believed that he sent a love note to a woman who visited him. This, supposedly was the first ever Valentine. He even signed it “From your Valentine”.

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We celebrate Valentine’s Day by expressing our love to someone special by sending them chocolate in a giant heart and a pre-written card because Hallmark knows just exactly how we feel about our better half.

If you happen to be single on V-Day, you are most likely either miserable or you just don’t care. Either way, you would probably enjoy a drink to take the edge off and drown out all the smiling faces that go hand in hand with love. CraveOnline picked out a few different, unique cocktails to make your Valentine’s Day a little more palatable.