Super Bowl Party Hosting Tips from Chef George Duran

It’s hard work hosting a Super Bowl party. Your home is the epicenter of the television universe for a few hours. It doesn’t matter who is playing, everyone watches the game and they want to watch it in style. The normal layered taco dip and corn chips won’t do. Guests crave unique, tasty appetizers and over-the-top cocktails and drinks.

Drinks Are Important

George Duran is a television personality well-known as the spokesman for Hunt’s Tomatoes and host of TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off and the Food Network’s Ham on the Street. He is also a big fan of sports, specifically football. He knows that you can’t celebrate the big game without the right food and the right accessories.

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Here is Duran’s list of must-haves for the big game:

Salt, lime and onions

“These are three ingredients that make the base of any perfect guacamole. Find the right balance by tasting as you go. Choose your preferred onions (Shallots and Vidalia are my favorite as they tend to be sweeter). Just remember not to over-salt as the tortilla chips probably have salt too.”

Use long tablecloths to cover the table you are serving your food

“This way you have hidden storage space underneath the table where you can stash extra beers, trash cans and bags of chips when you need them at a moment’s notice.”

Make cleanup easier by using a cooking sheet to make gooey cheesy nachos

“Simply cut a reusable cooking sheet to the size of your cookie sheet pan and place on top. Load it with your favorite Nacho recipes and pre-heat the oven. The moment your guests walk in the house pop it into the oven and once the cheese is melted slide it off the Cookina sheet onto a platter. Pre-prep your next batch instantly.”

Jazz up the salsa to impress your guests

“Add chopped fruits like pineapple, peaches and mangoes to your jarred salsa to take it to another level. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone it’s store bought salsa.”

Take your favorite Nacho recipe and turn it into a cheese fries

“Simple toss the cheesy ingredients with crisp oven fries, allow to melt in the oven and then serve! Remember to line your sheets with Cookina Cooking Sheets so cleanup is a breeze.”



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