CES 2015: This Charger Will Give Your Smartphone Full Battery in Seconds

Forget your 4K and OLED TVs, forget your Apple HomeKit, your self-driving cars and “the curve.” The real highlight from CES 2015 is StoreDot’s smartphone charger, which can charge your smartphone’s battery in seconds.

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Poor battery life in modern smartphones is a burning issue, with the vast majority unable to go 24 hours without being hooked up, while many only last a few hours if they’re used excessively. StoreDot is looking to rectify that issue with their charger, which contains a new battery that contains specially synthesized organic molecules in order to boost your battery swiftly. 

The tech was previously unveiled last year, though it looked rather cumbersome as it was essentially a giant battery that attached to the back of your smartphone. Now SmartDot has revealed a slimmer design that attaches around the case of your device, though it still provides exactly the same ultra-fast charging time as its previous incarnation.

Check out just how fast this thing works in the video below:

Amazing, no?

The charger is still in its prototype stages, though StoreDot was actually attending CES 2015 in order to shop the tech to various industry heads, with the BBC being informed that the company has spoken to many “major players” who want to secure the rights to it. We’re not surprised, either, given how immensely popular this will prove to be.

According to StoreDot, by 2017 they aim to halve the amount of time the charger will take to get smartphones to reach full battery. If they succeed, and if this tech is snapped up as quickly as the company expects it to be, then in the future we may no longer find ourselves having to leave our phones on the shelf for hours waiting for them to reach full charge.


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