CES 2015: Samsung Raises the Stakes on UHD with Stunning SUHD Line

Samsung has become the clear leader in television, dominating the market with their UHD TV lineup and their curved display sets. But before UHD can even reach mass adoption rates, Samsung ups the ante with a new line of “Super” UHD TVs, or SUHD.

If you have problem saying that acronym, don’t worry – nearly every Samsung executive stumbled over it themselves during the on-stage presentation at their annual CES press conference. But what you want have a problem with, is seeing how gorgeous this display is.

With sizes ranging from 48 inches to a massive 88 inch set, the new SUHD lineup is sure to stand out as retailer showpieces. SUHD boasts a wealth of new features under the hood such as nano-crystal technology and an intelligent SUHD re-mastering picture quality engine for what Samsung claims to be a superior picture quality experience. All sets will also have a curved display for an elegant look. Samsung is collaborating with 20th Century Fox to optimize the home viewing experience to better match the visual experience Hollywood intends when producing their films.

Samsung claims that their SUHD TVs are 2.5 times brighter than conventional TVs with 64 times better color expression.

Samsung’s SUHD sets will be powered by their Tizen open-source TV app development platform that provides users with a plethora of apps and cool features – such as bringing you a second screen experience while watching your favorite shows or sporting events. Imagine finally ditching the tablet or smartphone and getting additional info about what you’re watching, right from the TV itself.

We’ll have more from Samsung on their SUHD line when we check out their CES booth later this week. Stick with CraveOnline for more CES 2015 coverage straight from the show floor.


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