CES 2015: Intel Wants to Replace Passwords with Facial Recognition Technology

Intel is looking to dramatically increase users’ security when it comes to browsing websites, with the company unveiling its new True Key app that allows users to sign into sites such as Amazon using facial recognition, with no password required. 

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Speaking to USA Today, Intel’s Mark Hocking said that he felt the current password system is “broken,” and that True Key is an attempt to do away with passwords altogether. Given that online security is a more pertinent issue than ever before, with 2014 in particular being a year which saw a variety of hacking attempts that led to users of some of the world’s most high-profile sites being forced to change their passwords a variety of times, True Key is certainly an interesting prospect.

Check out Intel’s commercial for the app below:

Intel’s site for the app shows that it runs with Google-owned sites such as Gmail and YouTube, along with the likes of Netflix, Forbes, Paypal and Linkedin. By entering in your email address right here you can request access to the limited release of the app, which has not yet been announced.

According to Intel, the app makes use of your “facial math” – such as the distance between your eyes and your nose – in order to detect who you are, before providing you with instant access to your accounts on various sites. Could this be the future of online security?



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