Grab Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout Beer While It’s…Hot


Sriracha is a spicy, chili-fueled hot sauce produced by Huy Fong Foods in California. In the last few years, its popularity has sky rocketed and led to many imitators and a few collaborations. Recently, Hong Fuy decided to collaborate with Rogue Ales to create Sriracha Hot Stout Beer.

Oregon’s Rogue Ales is one of the most popular craft breweries in the country. Founded in 1988 by Nike executives Jack Joyce, Rob Strasser and Bob Woodell, the brewery is located in Newport, Oregon. The company started as the formation of pair of brewpubs so the trio could have a place to sell their craft beer. Rogue definitely has the west coast covered. On top of the current brewery, Rogue also has brewpubs in Oregon, Washington and California. Beer isn’t the only alcohol crafted at Rogue, though. They recently ventured into the world of distilling and have already received numerous accolades for their work.


Brewmaster John Maier joined the company in 1989 and is well known for his imaginative, unique beers. His goal is to create a delicious beer that pairs well with food. This made joining up with Sriracha an obvious decision. Beyond simply enjoying Sriracha, Maier wanted to make sure the two companies were actually a good fit for one another. “After meeting with the Huy Fong team, it quickly became apparent that it was. And here we are.”

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In the past, Rogue has collaborated in local and national pairings. They have worked with famed celebrity chef Masaharu Morimoto and brewing specialist Jack Echardt to craft brews for specific restaurants to pair perfectly with items on their menu. They have also created donut-centric beers for Portland’s legendary VooDoo Donuts. This isn’t even Rogue’s first time experimenting with the spicier side of the beer world. They have been brewing Rogue Chipotle Ale for years.


Rogue Sriracha Stout beer is made using Huy Fong’s original hot, chili sauce as well as produced picked at Rogue’s onsite farm. According to the website, Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout Beer is the perfect compliment to pasta dishes, pizza, steak, soups, hot dogs, hamburgers and any number of Asian dishes.

Surprisingly, the fire of Sriracha doesn’t overpower this beer. Since it’s made by Rogue, the beer itself is center stage. The stout is malty, smooth and full of coffee, chocolate flavor. At the end is when the heat of Sriracha appears with a slight, perfectly complimentary garlic and spiced after taste.

Sriracha was created in 1980 by Huy Fong’s Vietnamese-Chinese founder David Tran. It’s commonly referred to as cock or rooster sauce due to a large rooster gracing the packaging. Although extremely popular, Huy Fong has never strayed from its original style and presentation. The bottle is clear with white writing with the iconic green cap. Five different languages are represented on the bottle (English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish and French).


Sriracha Hot Stout beer is currently only available at the Rogue Ales Public Houses and online at for $13 per 750ml bottle. “In the short time that it has been available, it has already become a record-selling product for us.”