CES 2015: LG Unveils The Beautiful Quantum-Dot TV

LG will unveil a slew of high-quality TVs on the show floor at CES 2015, with the most impressive surely being this 65-inch quantum-dot model, one of the first TVs in the world to utilize the technology.

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Quantum-dot TVs make use of incredibly small “nanocrystals” which serve to control the color of the TV’s pixels, thus enabling the TV to produce excellent quality clarity that is estimated to be 30% better than current LCD TVs on the market. As it takes advantage of LG’s lauded ColorPrime technology, it is also well-suited to off-angle viewing – and yes, it’s 4K, meaning that those colors will also be in ultra high-definition at a resolution of  3840 x 2160.

The quantum-dot TV is currently one of the leaders of LG’s strong line-up at CES 2015, with the company also set to reveal new OLED TVs on the show floor, too. As was recently rumored, the tech giant will also debut 8K TVs, possibly alongside Sony, for the very first time.

Check out LG’s full press conference at the show below:

No release date or price has yet been confirmed for the quantum-dot TV, though we’ll be on the show floor taking a look at it over the course of the next week.


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