‘Spectre’ of new DB10 Haunts New James Bond Movie

Aston Martin DB10 Front Three Quarter low res

James Bond and Aston Martin enjoy a special relationship — dating all the way back to Goldfinger in 1964. Over the years, Astons have appeared in multiple films in the series — most recently the immensely successful Skyfall.

For the new Bond 007 film, that relationship reached new heights with the development of an entirely new car built especially for the production of Spectre.

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The new DB10 will be hand built in-house at Aston Martin, with the production line limited to 10 cars. To say the DB10 will become both an elite automotive and cinematic collector’s item would be a 00-understatement.

Designed by Aston’s in-house engineering team with input from Spectre director Sam Mendes, the automaker promises the limited edition DB10 indicates the direction of future models — both for James Bond and the rest of us with six figures to spend on cars.