The Best Cars of 2014


Just when everyone insisted traditional, gas-powered performance cars were dinosaurs, they made a big recovery in 2014. From the redesigned, muscled up Viper to the refined Jaguar F-Type, there are signs that the hybrids and 1.5 liter engines out there won’t rule the automotive world just yet.

When you add the fact that SUVs and Crossovers rank amongst the fastest growing automotive segments in the market, the reports of the internal combustion engine’s death have been greatly exaggerated. 

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As a result, you won’t find tiny engines and quietly humming engines on this Best Cars of 2014 list. We’re going with power, performance, style and a little bulk. While there’s bound to be some debate about cars I put on this list or cars I left off, below you’ll find the overview of the top machines of 2014.