Best of 2014: The Absolute Coolest of the Cool of Everything


With 2014 mere hours away from passing into history, it’s time to look back over the entire year and perform a simple, yet momentous task — picking the absolute coolest, most appealing, most useful items that crossed my lifestyle writing path this year.

Now, during any given December, you’ll find endless Best of 2014 lists across lifestyle categories. The spectrum of print and online publications can get specific or keep it very general, but you’ll find the best of something somewhere eventually. I figured it was time to get away from the “something” concept and transition to the “everything” concept.

Forget the categories. Ignore the genres. Disregard specific areas of expertise. The following list is just the favorite bits from the flowing steam of lifestyle concepts that came my way this past year. I consider it as much a personal salute to a good year as a set of recommendations on what items you might want to bring with you into 2015.

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