Gentlemen’s Tech: Bang and Olufsen

A man’s audio setup could potential make or break a number of social situations, from first dates to house parties. The guys over at Bang & Olufsen definitely have all your audio needs met, both in style and quality.

On the portable audio market, they have the Beoplay A2, a portable loudspeaker with an outstanding 24-hour battery life from just one three-hour charge. A practical speaker for outdoor activities like camping or going to the beach, that also has impeccable style, and a sleek design. The Form 2i headphone is based of a 30-year old design that has been preserved in the Museum of Modern Art, and their Beoplay H6 headphone has earpads made with memory foam and covered in lambskin leather, helpful for falling asleep on long flights.

The crown jewel of the Bang and Olufsen line is definitely the Beoplay A9, a circular speaker system that can either be wall-mounted or stands on wooden legs. This sound system is beautiful; listening to it is like looking at a painting in the Louvre. On top of the stellar sound quality and the beautiful design, the Beoplay A9 has Magic Touch volume control that allows you to easily swipe the rim to easily adjust the volume.

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