Gentlemen’s Tech: teaBOT

Every proper gentleman knows the importance of a quality gadget, and The Gentlemen’s Expo this weekend has no shortage of new and innovative tech in a number of different fields. One of the more exciting techs is local startup teaBOT.

teaBOT infuses loose-leaf tea with robotics and social media. They basically have taken your local teashop and put it into one machine that can be placed all around the city. You chose the flavours, the amount of each flavour in your tea, and you are good to go. The customizable aspect is definitely attractive, giving you the ability to make your perfect tea with very little wait time. There is also an exciting aspect to creating your own tea blends that a chain store can’t give you.

While making your blend, you gain an understanding of loose-leaf tea that might not have been available for the average drinker beforehand. After your tea is made, you can keep the recipe in barcode form so you don’t have to go through the process again and again. The barcode can also be sent around via social media, so you can share your blend with your friends. They get the ingredients, but not the percentages, keeping the secret of your perfect blend with you and no one else.

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