Guest Editor Chef Bob Gallagher: Tailgating with Tony Roma’s

We’re a few weeks into the football season with the NFL and NCAA action now a regular part of our autumn weekends. At this point, early tailgating parties are behind us. Maybe you threw one. Maybe you attended one. But, the standard food and drink options are tried, true and probably getting old.

To help bring your tailgating game, I’m stepping aside for a couple posts here and bringing in a guest editor with a wealth of grilling knowledge – Chef Bob Gallagher, Vice President of Culinary and Purchasing for Tony Roma’s. He’s the man behind the main menu at these popular, coast to coast rib joints and steak houses, and he’ll be providing a couple exclusive recipes you can call in as an audible during your pre-game festivities.

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His experience speaks for itself as he worked with various multi-unit chain restaurants in the United States where he was responsible for concept development and food innovation.

During his time in the restaurant industry, Chef Gallagher has opened more than 35 new restaurants and has been trained as an instructor by the National Restaurant Association.

According to the restaurant’s declarations, since joining Tony Roma’s in 2006, he made a significant impact in areas across the system including menu engineering and new products. Chef Gallagher is always looking to innovate and add new menu items, and he’s responsible for creating innovative recipes and utilizing new cooking techniques.