Fashion: Geed Up with The Street Wear Resurgence

Street wear, made popular in the 80’s, has been making a comeback and with stylish inspiration all around us there’s no way you’ve missed this resurgence of cool “skater boy” comfort. Since not everyone can afford designer duds, brands offering street wear brings other options to look the part to the table however, top brands aren’t missing a beat. So what exactly is “street wear”? It’s actually more of a style than it is a particular article of clothing but many street wear looks today include joggers, sweatshirts, snap back hats, anything with military influence and jerseys with an updated and fitted design structure. And since its more of a new generation, youth culture movement, jeans and tees are essential to achieving this look as well. The current street wear look combines surfer and skater.

Sneakers have and will forever be a staple in mens and women’s closets all over the world but recently we’ve noticed a special interest in trainers and Adidas shell toe classics. It’s no surprise that these choices fit squarely into the street wear mold and really are a great place to start when building your Fall wardrobe. The classics are once again making such a stir that brands like Giuseppe Zanotti, Lousi Vuitton and most recently Buscemi are refusing to be left behind by making some street stylish waves of their own.

Speaking of outer wear, a must-have for autumn if you want to step up your street wear game is an upgraded version of an old school letterman jacket. Where we are used to seeing the school letter, these have now been replaced with designer logos but its clear to see that this new take on a traditional piece, is taking off. It’s been cropping up in collections from Saint Laurent to Marc Jacobs and beyond. You can also find affordable versions of this style jacket in most Urban Outfitters.

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As always, don’t forget your graphic and basic tees. These are perfect to use as a foundation, layering piece and will likely become a favorite addition to your wardrobe for their ease and comfort. At the end of the day, all you need to remember is that street wear is a culture that’s based on self awareness and personal taste so you really can’t go wrong in however you choose to pair these essentials.


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