Sweeten Sound of Autumn with Audio Gifts


Autumn is a time for introspection — for long, be-sweatered walks through the woods as the leaves’ fading colors tumble down around you. It’s the season that asks you to ponder the passing of time and the ever-present specter of death, passing and decay.

Then again, it can be a cool time to kick back with a pumpkin ale and some good music. Let’s go with Option B and take a look at some of the top audio gift options for Fall. Whether you’re snagging something for yourself or for some lucky autumnal birthday baby (Oct. 22 over here, folks. So, plan your budgets accordingly…), this a hot season for product debuts with the holidays rapidly approaching once autumn surrenders to winter.

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A gallery of some of the top picks for audio surprising arriving in time for Rocktober and other key calendar events awaits below. (Your success with redheads may vary.)