Remember World Cup Summer with Burger Recipe

Remember how this summer kicked off with the month-long drama of The World Cup? As the end of summer approaches, it’s easy to cast the mind back to images of flopping, biting and countless hours of prancing around with a goal dribbling out every six days.

If one good thing came out of all majestic boredom, it was an appreciation of the tastes found in the host country of Brazil. In our continued quest for end of summer recipes, Pepperidge Farm sent over some tips harkening back to the big Brazilian moment.

In addition to calling out a little attention for their bakery (such as buns designed to host these Brazil burgers), Pepperidge Farm offered some simple ideas on how to add a taste of Rio to late summer or Labor Day parties.

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Add a little bit of Chorizo to a simple burger recipe. Should the recipe call for 1 lb. of beef, alter it so that it’s now ½ beef, ½ Chorizo. 

Don’t skimp on the seasoning. It’s the most important thing to remember if you want a great tasting burger. Brazilians love infusing bold flavors into their dishes.

Serve your burgers with rice and beans on the side.

Get creative. You don’t always have to serve a hamburger patty on your burger buns. Take other meats you could be grilling up during your Churrasco or Brazilian barbecue (i.e., steaks, ribs, etc.) and throw them on a good quality bun.

You never want to burn good meat, but medium rare meat is not a common sight in Brazil. Flames cook through down there, and when Brazilians want grilled meat, they’re not ordering a pet.


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