Ascent Da Vinci Lets You Design Your Own Vaporizer

In a gadget world rapidly filling up with vaporizers that can take take the place of the devilish cigarette, there’s always room for a new design aesthetic.

The Da Vinci from Ascent goes away from the pipe or pen look, opting for something not unlike an old-fashioned cell phone or (…Gasp!) a pack of cigarettes. The shape is more pocket friendly and lends itself well to the wood and metallic finishes you see up there.

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The Da Vinci includes an all-glass vapor path, a dual mouthpiece and three hour rechargeable batteries. Depending on the look you want, it’s possible to design your own Da Vinci via the device’s website. 

Its designers hope you pick up the Da Vinci to “vape” intelligently. I hate typing that word. Vape? Really? Is Vapor or Vaporizer too exhausting to get out of one’s mouth during the course of a day? Now, it’s certainly not Ascent’s fault. You can’t blame the Da Vinci for the existence of that flaccid hipster speak, but I suppose such insipid tech buzzwords are unavoidable wherever gadgets take hold.

If you want to kick the cigarette habit, the Da Vinci should help you hang onto the flavors of smoking. Just bury “vape” deep in your vocabulary.