Cobra Tag Links Valuables to Your Smartphone


I recently put together a list of top travel gadgets (link below). If the Cobra Tag had shown up in the post a day earlier, I’d have included it in that run. So, to be fair, let’s toss a quick review its way right here.

The Cobra Tag is a Bluetooth device that links itself wirelessly to your smartphone. A free app from Cobra then communicates with the Tag to make sure you don’t wander too far from whatever you tagged — your laptop bag, your luggage, your briefcase, your dog, little Timmy, Prince Albert of Monaco, etc. If you veer off too far afield, a tone sounds reminding you to take the tagged thingy. The Cobra app can also map out where the tagged item is hiding in case you mislay it.

The device also works in reverse. If you have the Cobra Tag in hand — and you can’t find your smartphone because you’re a cloudy brained doofus — a button on the Tag will cause the phone to issue its own tone so you can track it down.

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The only drawbacks might be its price (about $70) and its bulk. It’s about the size of a cigarette lighter, which makes it a little more than conspicuous in situations in which you might want to use the Cobra Tag subtly. Also, if your car keys set on a fob that doubles as your car’s electronic entry trigger, a Cobra Tag on the same ring adds a good chunk to said keys that you stick in your pocket each day.

Still, those are quibbles because — after a few experiments — it became obvious that the gadget works. As designed and described, the Cobra Tag does its job reliably and should protect you from the more absent minded moments in your insanely busy life.