10 Easy & Creative Protein Snack Ideas for Guys

Instead of reaching for that candy bar or greasy bag of potato chips, try these protein snack ideas to curb hunger while also helping you stay committed to your health & fitness goals. All are quick, easy and delicious!

Turkey Wrapped Asparagus

Grab some low-sodium turkey lunchmeat – preferably natural, low sodium & nitrate free – wrap it around some asparagus spears, sprinkle some seasonings like garlic or onion and bake in the oven for a few minutes. Perfect for game night, tailgates, fight night parties and to curb salty cravings.


Click here to get the full recipe from FitMenCook.com.


Protein Parfait

About 1 cup of Greek yogurt by itself has over 20g protein so just imagine what happens when you mix it with vanilla flavored isolate whey protein – you get instant muscle-pumping yogurt.  Just mix at least about ½ cup protein with ½ scoop of isolate protein. Toss in some granola and you have yourself a nutritious and very satisfying snack.


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Nuts are rich sources of both quality protein and healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids. These new KIND & STRONG bars are packed with 10g of protein, among the highest of any all nut & seed bar, and have awesome flavors like BBQ, jalapeno and sweet Thai.  The ingredients are all natural with no whey or soy, and the ingredients are gluten free.  Plus, you can break these apart and toss the crumbs on a salad to make your salad slightly less wimpy and more enjoyable!


Natural Turkey or Beef Jerky

While jerky can be high in sodium, it is a great low calorie and low carb snack.  And if you’re pretty active and exercising regularly, the sodium content in jerky can actually be beneficial since rigorous exercise can cause you to deplete your body of fluids, while sodium tends to cause fluid retention. However, if you have high blood pressure or even kidney disease, you may want to limit the consumption of salty snacks like jerky.


Omelet Rollups

Beat some eggs, pour them in a skillet and form a “tortilla” or “pancake.”  Then, toss in a few of your favorite veggies, low fat cheese and even a lean protein source, then roll it up and devour!  These are easy to prepare multiple servings at one time, so that you can have them handy when you are hungry.


Click here for the full recipe from FitMenCook.com.


Nut Butter

Calorie dense, quality protein and healthy fats – not much more you can ask for in a healthy snack.  Add natural nut butter to brown rice cakes, veggies or fruit for a delicious and filling snack.  The only challenge is sticking to that one serving of 2 tablespoons!

Example – banana, nut butter and granola:

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Black Bean Puree or Dip with Veggies

Toss some black beans in a blender with about 1 tablespoon of Greek yogurt, garlic and sea salt & pepper. To enhance the flavor after it has been blended, toss in some pico de gallo and goat cheese. Use fresh veggies such as celery or carrots as “chips.”


Baked Parmesan Asparagus Fries

Another delicious and protein packed way to eat asparagus! Just dip some asparagus spears in egg whites and then dip in panko crumbs mixed with low-fat parmesan cheese & coconut flour and bake in the oven. One serving of asparagus fries has over 15g protein! You’ll likely never eat them plain again.


Click here to get the full recipe from FitMenCook.com.


Quinoa Power Bowl

Mix cooked (chilled) quinoa with almond milk, nuts and a little dried fruit. It will curb sweet cravings while also making sure you feel satisfied. A certified vegan power meal!


Click here to get the full recipe from Instagram.


Quest Protein Chips

Who doesn’t like chips?! One of my new favorite snacks, these baked chips are made from dried potatoes and 1 entire bag only has 5g total carbohydrates with over 21g protein.  They are delicious! And when you’re tired of eating just plain chips, you can use these chips to transform and enhance your recipes.

Example – Baked Potato Chip Fried Chicken Fingers using 3 simple ingredients:

Click here to get the full recipe from FitMenCook.com.



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