Labor Day: Essential Tips for Pulling Off the Perfect Party



Labor Day’s nearly here, and you’re going to want to celebrate it in style. While everyone and his/her mother will be holding a party to celebrate their time off work, why not kick it up a notch and host the best damn party you can?

Below is our guide to pulling off the perfect Labor Day party, one which place you in the annals of history as one of the best party hosts the world (or at least your circle of friends) has ever seen.

The Music

At the top of your priority list should be the music. Well, maybe you should consider who to invite first, but music is still pretty important.

We particularly like the vjay app for iPad and iPhone which, despite its awful name, provides a good service in allowing you to mix tracks with video. If you’ve got the time (and the footage) it’d be a great idea to take video clips of you, your friends and family and put a playlist of your favorite summer music in the background in order to create some inventive entertainment for your guests. 

The vjay app allows you to hook up your iPad/iPhone to a TV via a HDMI cable, so if you put one outside while you get your grill on over the BBQ, everyone will have something to gawp at while you stuff them with burgers and hot dogs. 

If you haven’t got the time to spare to set up such a makeshift entertainment center, then we’d recommend investing in the Ion Tailgater Portable Speaker. This bad boy provides great sound for a reasonably affordable price (you can get it for around $199 on Amazon). The Tailgater is extremely portable with its small stature and 50 hour battery life, and it also packs a punch with very minimal sound distortion, even when pumped up to higher volumes. That’s impressive for a portable speaker.

It also has inputs for a microphone and other instruments, meaning that if someone in your party is musically gifted, they can serenade your guests while you get busy on that BBQ.



The Entertainment

No matter how good your music taste is, you’re going to need something else to keep your guests entertained other than your favorite summer playlist. Here’s how to kick things off.

The hilarious and quick ice breaker, Cards Against Humanity, is easy to set up and play while you hand out the beers and wine.


If you’re not already familiar with this popular card game, it’s essentially a game in which one person plays a question card, and the other players have to use the cards in their hand to concoct the funniest, and oftentimes most disturbing, answer.

It’s ideal for your Labor Day festivities because it goes hand-in-hand with alcohol, and also requires no legwork from your guests. It’s just simple (and dark) fun.

As the day rolls on and people get a little more tipsy, you can put that Ion Tailgater speaker back into use once again with a spot of karaoke. As previously mentioned, the Tailgater has an input for microphones, and if you purchase one and then download the Karaoke Anywhere app for iOS, you’ve basically solidified an evening of out-of-tune warbling and murdered power ballads.


Alternatively, if you want an actual karaoke machine and want to forego purchasing a new portable speaker, the Singtrix Party Bundle is just for you. Coupled with the Singtrix app for iOS, this piece of tech turns its user into a “Karaoke God,” allowing for 4-part vocal harmonies at the touch of a button, the most advanced vocal effects technology available and natural pitch correction.

The Booze

If you’ve got a fat wedge of cash in your back pocket then there’s absolutely, positively nothing else we can recommend that’s more awesome than Monsieur, the Artificially Intelligent Robotic Bartender.

This tabletop device, powered by the Android OS, is operated using a 10″ touchscreen and displays 300 cocktail options which it will then mix for you on the spot.


At a whopping $3,999, Monsieur is certainly a product that many won’t have the pleasure of experiencing, but for those with the extra cash it’s your new must-have luxury purchase. If you’ve invited a ton of guests to your Labor Day celebrations, you needn’t worry about them having to queue, either, as a quick download of the Monsieur app means that you can make your order without interacting with the robotic bartender at all.