ShaveMate Razors Offer Sharper Grooming Options

titanHave you found the perfect razor? No? Well here’s a suggestion for you that’s simple, compact and very convenient. LPI Consumer Products, Inc. is revolutionizing the $33 billion per year global shaving industry with its all-in-one ShaveMate razors that simplifies shaving while improving performance and comfort.

Who knew this was such a big business? Leading the way in innovation since 1987, brothers Lou and Peter Tomassetti have created the perfect travel partner.

ShaveMate razors are the only razors on the market that have a built-in shaving cream handle with lanolin-inriched shaving cream inside. Lanolin is extremely helpful for those who have dry skin as the areas where you shave usually are.

One of the causes of dry skin is a lick of lipids which allows water and moisture to escape from your skin. Lanolin based creams fill in those gaps, prevent future water escapes and helps hold moisture in.

The shaving cream contents last for up to 10 shaves and has a locking dispensing cap to prevent accidental activation. This is especially helpful if you shave at the gym and keep your essentials in a gym bag or if you’re a frequent traveler and want to make your stay away from home more convenient. Popular for travel, as well as daily use, the all-in-one design frees up space in toiletry bags and is carryon approved for air travel.

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LPI Consumer Products include the ShaveMate and TITAN for men, plus ShaveMate DIVA for women. So you can pick one up for the woman in your life as well. ShaveMate razors also feature six precision blades and patented Flex-Neck Technology for a close and precise shave that conforms to the natural curves of the body. The blade cartridge has advanced moisturizing Glide Strip with soothing allantoin for comfort and skin protection, and rubber fins for hair preparation and improved shaving performance. What more could you ask for?