Classic Shaving Meets Modern Skincare with Bevel

At its heart, Bevel looks to improve a man’s skin during the shaving process. In the end, the company successfully manage to unite old school technology with modern skincare.

The Bevel shaving kit includes priming oil to pretreat the skin, a shaving brush, a razor, moisturizing shaving cream and a restoring balm in place of aftershave. The entire process is designed to get every hair and every pore ready for a shave, keep them better protected during shaving and restore the skin around them when the shave is done.

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If you read up on Bevel and visit the company’s website, it quickly becomes obvious that the product is aimed primarily at African American users. Due to genetic skin qualities and other factors, black men can frequently suffer from razor bumps and other blemishes arising from regular shaving. So, it’s well-intentioned and promoted via very focused marketing.

However, while I obviously don’t fall in intended demographic, I tried the products out for a few weeks and enjoyed using them. The Bevel system and its contents now make up my “everyday shave” 


Beyond the specially mixed skincare elements used before, during and after shaving, a real benefit of the Bevel process is the razor itself. While the holder and its single blade, disposable and replaceable razor are made from modern materials, the overall razor design is old school razor shaving. It’s not a straight razor, but the blade is just as sharp, sensitive and accurate. The classic device demands more focus and a mindful hand because — while the blade will shave you smooth as a baby’s backside — a sloppy, rushed move with slit you up a treat.

The Bevel shaving experience therefore becomes contemplative and mindful from the moment you begin lathering up with the classic brush through the final, smoothing strokes. I think that’s what this life could use more of these days — activities that slow us down and show results.