Griffin Wired Keyboard for iOS Adds by Subtracting

keybIt doesn’t happen often these days, but sometimes a gadget simplifies or backs off on technology to create something that works better than its more advanced rivals.

The Griffin Wireless Keyboard for iOS devices veers away from the now-common use of Bluetooth pairing to connect itself to the Apple devices it’s intended to aid. Whether it’s working with an iPhone or iPad, this Griffin device skips the pairing process and connects with a now-standard Lightening plug.

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Once plugged in, you’re ready to type. That’s it. It might seem like as primitive as a butter churn or a mimeograph machine, but it works first time, every time. And, the keyboard matches a standard Apple laptop or desktop setup to the letter — literally. I keep one in my laptop bag, and it’s displaced the less-reliable and complicated Bluetooth model I’d been using. 

Next, I might go back to my typewriter to file stories around here. I’ll check with the editors first, though.