Social Sweepster Kills Embarrassing Content on Social Media

So, if you’ve made a couple of bad judgments—maybe got a little over served and decided to drop trou’ and add some visuals to your karaoke version of “Bad Moon Rising”—sure you can delete them from your own social media accounts (if you know what to look for, and where every single one is located), but what about the photos your buddy took and submitted to Total Frat Move? Do those have to haunt you from the web forever?

Apparently they don’t anymore. A new service is available to those of us with tragically low levels of common sense and an overdeveloped need to share, and it’s called Social Sweepster.

According to CEO and founder Tom McGrath ,“College students and recent graduates are at the highest risk for unwanted material surfacing on the Internet. We created Social Sweepster to be a tool that safeguards against employers and recruiters looking to locate proof of poor decisions made in the past.” Good lookin’ out, bro.

Social Sweepster scours your social media profiles, and using proprietary object, text and facial recognition algorithms, seeks out potentially risky content, and returns a report ranking the threats as high, medium or low risk.

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The app can locate both tagged and untagged photos of you, and can even detect objects that could be deemed questionable in your pics like beer cans, Solo cups and beer bottles. It also checks all the text you’ve sent online from your trusty keyboard—comments, status updates, Tweets—and flags the ones with, what more responsible adults might consider, undesirable connotations.

When you get your report, you have the option to hide the content, report it to the site owner for removal, or un-tag it. Another feature in the tool’s interface allows you to tap the power of Google Reverse Image Search to see if any of your flagged photos branched out beyond your social media and exist anywhere else on the Internet.

There is a limitation to how far back Social Sweepster can go, and you hit that wall at 2005. Anything stupid you did before that date you’ll have to find on your own.
 Right now Social Sweepster is in Beta, so it’s still free to use as long as you’re one of the first 10,000 to register. So get in on it before they start to charge, and you wind up digging into your pocket to seek out and destroy that pic of your last naked keg stand.