Back to School: OGIO Ruck 22 Hauls Your Stuff

ogio-ruck-22Time to dump your old dome-shaped, econo-backpack and upgrade to something you’ll actually want to be seen with on campus. The new Ruck 22 from OGIO is large enough to handle your books, digital gear, water bottles, papers, laptop, tablet, and anything else you need to cum laude your ass outta there on graduation day.

Weighing in at a relatively light 32 ounces, the huge 22-inch Ruck is plenty big enough to lug it all, without making you look like you’re carrying the radio equipment pack from “Saving Private Ryan.” Two front buckles unsnap to give you easy access to the cavernous, 1450 cubic inch, top loaded main pocket, as well as the zippered padded pocket that stashes and protects your tablet. The main pocket also has mesh organizer pockets, so you can find your chargers and headphones without too much rummaging. Side compression straps batten down to keep everything from rattling around while you hoof it across the quad to make Econ 101.

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There’s also a front zip pocket for your phone and a side pocket to carry a water bottle. But if your lifestyle calls for more than just a single bottle, the Ruck 22 comes hydration ready—just drop in your water bladder, thread the tube down the shoulder straps, and it’s H2O all day.

You can slide a laptop up to 17-inches into the dedicated, padded compartment on the back, safe from the wayward Frisbees and hacky sacks that seem to be epidemic on college campuses. Ergonomic shoulder straps keep you from becoming a chiropractor’s wet dream, even when fully loaded down.

Since it’s constructed from rugged poly fabric, the Ruck 22 is just at home on the hiking trail as it is on campus—so when you need a little decompression time, you can dump your books, pack it with camp gear and know it won’t fall apart under the pressure. And once you’ve got your diploma in hand, the Ruck 22 can perform nicely as a commuter bag, looking good in the third cubical from the left until you make it to the executive suite.

MSRP: $70