Type With Your Head: Google Glass Now Has a Keyboard

Minuum is bringing its Android keyboard app to Google Glass, and it has some ambitious plans for the app's debut on the wearable tech.

The above video showcases what the Minuum Keyboard will allow Google Glass users to achieve, including sending messages to friends via the Glass's touchpad and even selecting text with small head movements. 

Minuum also reveals what will lie in the app's future, including a concept that displays text on a users' arm, essentially turning their limbs into makeshift keyboards. 

The app's co-founder Will Walmsley said in a blog post: "Your typical augmented-reality headset is equipped with at least a small touchpad, a motion sensor and a camera. We’ve worked with Google Glass for a few months now, and have built versions that let you type either using the touchpad, or by detecting subtle head movement."

Walmsley also went on to note that the final portion of the video highlights concepts Minuum is working on, including the aforementioned limb keyboard, tracking of eye movement and the use of a secondary motion-control device, such as a ring. While Walmsley states that not all of these concepts will work with the current version of Google Glass, he does not rule out the possibility that the app will make its way to other wearable technology.

While the Minuum Keyboard has not yet been released for the Google Glass, Android users can download it from Google Play.