Imogen Heap Introduces Mi.Mu Gloves, Wearable Technology for Musicians

Imogen Heap has unveiled the Mi.Mu gloves, wearable technology that allows musicians to leave their instruments and laptops behind in order to create music with their own body.

The incredibly innovative technology sees musicians able to create music on the fly whilst wearing the gloves, with the human body acting as a controller of sorts. The gloves were created over the course of four years, with Imogen Heap working alongside a team of scientists, developers and coders. She recently began a Kickstarter campaign in order to bring the gloves to other musicians.

Watch a demonstration of the Mi.Mu gloves below.

Speaking of the Mi.Mu gloves, Imogen Heap said: “The Gloves are my dream come true, beautiful wearable-tech garments, that allow me to break the barrier between me: the musician, the creative and elements of my chosen computer software instruments, effects or workstation.

She added: “I can now bring those sounds ‘out of the box’, gesturally, expressively and wirelessly where I’ve found other external controllers have failed.”

Heap has also been working alongside audio specialist Sennheiser as part of its MOMENTUM campaign, which sees the company partnering with Spotify to highlight one-hundred unique “sound stories” from across the globe.  Watch Imogen Heap’s MOMENTUM sound story here.