Rapoo E2700 Mini Keyboard Lets Your iPad Play Laptop

rapooWith third party manufacturers making more items every day that expand the functionality of an iPad, we're left to wonder why people venture out to buy a MacBook Air. If you can get an iPad to perform enough tasks, it can stand in for an Air at a fraction of the price.

For example, take a look at the Rapoo E2700 Mini Wireless Keyboard. Retailing around $50, it's roughly the size of a business size envelope — and it doesn't weigh a whole lot more than said stationary, either. It connects seamlessly to your iPad via Bluetooth and stays locked in within 10 yards of the device.

With a full range of function keys, the Rapoo puts you in more control of your tablet than its own touch keypad can manage. And, its scissor key action gives the user a more satisfying and reassuring tactile experience than tapping away at glass.

With the Rapoo set up alongside your iPad, the tablet transforms into a small laptop without the need of touchscreen keys — leaving your full screen to display the necessary software. That combination can do much of an iPad Air can do for about 25% of the cost.