Salted Caramel Tea Earns Rare “Hell, Yes” Endorsement

Caramel is good. That is all.

Beyond the cronut, salted caramel is the food trend that just won’t quit. Chefs around the world are testing the boundaries of just how far they can take the oozing blend of salt and sweet.

Some things, like salted caramel ice cream, work; others, like salted caramel hot cocoa, don’t. Salted caramel with scones? Hell, yes.

London’s historic Grosvenor House hotel has teaming up with artisan chocolatier Paul A. Young for a chocolate-themed tea, starting April 14th, for a limited time.

It begins with cucumber and dark chocolate finger sandwiches, and there are plenty of mini chocolate patisseries on the cake plate, but don’t let them fool you: This is the unofficial salted caramel tea. Young’s version has been crowned the best salted caramel in the world. Warm, buttermilk plain and raisin scones are delivered like a precious bundle, swaddled in linen, nestled in a silver bowl. They look elegant for a brief moment before we slather thick, clotted cream on them, followed by the slow spill of the world-famous sweet stuff.

The caramel covered scones taste as good as they sound, but purists are well-looked after with traditional jams, and a range of non-chocolate desserts decorate the table. The piece de resistance are the truffles which arrive at the finish. A dark chocolate mango orb tastes like a ripe fruit just plucked from the tree. And of course, a salted caramel truffle awaits.

Young has shops four chocolate shops around London featuring his hand-made, small batch chocolates, often infused with seasonal ingredients.


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