Top 13 Kick-Ass Horror Comics

Well, cut my pumpkin and choke me with candy corn, Halloween is here. All Hallows Eve, the festival of Sam Hain, the beginning of fall, the end of summer, sweatshirt season, fires, masks, candy and copious amounts of alcohol and weed. While all those things help make Halloween one of the best holidays out there (suck it Santa), there’s more we need to make the spookiness complete.

What else do we need, Iann? Slutty Halloween outfits for hot chicks? Yep, that’s a good one. A high stacked collection of horror movies? Yep, another check in the win column. Lines of cocaine? A stolen car? Three dead hookers and a bag full of money ripped off of a Satanic drug lord with a huge co……sorry, I digress. No, what we need are horror comics. Not just lame representations of Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, but really fucked up and disturbing books that we dare not read alone. I understand that there are lots of them, so, in the spirit of the holiday, here are the best Horror Comics to get you through Halloween.

Best Horror Comics

What do you consider the best Horror Comics? Tell us in the comment section below!


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