10 Innovative Gadgets That Could Transform the Way We Live (If We Weren’t Too Lazy to Use Them)

We hate plugging stuff in. Charging it. Replacing batteries. And generally being inconvenienced in any way by technology. Why? Because despite new gadgets enhancing the pleasure sector of our lifestyle pie chart, we secretly loathe it. It’s a love-hate relationship. For inevitably every new piece of technology comes with hidden strings attached, a learning curve, and a deeply vexing bond we never thought could be experienced with a piece of titanium-wrapped silicon.

But every year the world explodes with sexy new gadgets. And 2022 has had a particularly powerful orgasmic discharge of goodies. New tech that’s making everything in life easier, from home security to entertainment on the go. In fact, the shiny gizmos flooding the consumer marketplace this year are so life-enhancing they’re almost too good to resist. Here are the top ten gadgets that could transform the way we live if we could only get off our asses to retrieve them once they’ve been delivered to our doorstep.

Cover Photo: DaanTech


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