Ranked! The Very Best Cities For Vampires (Starting With the Worst)

Photo: neoblues (Getty Images)

We all know vampires aren’t real, right? Well, at the very least we really hope they aren’t real. Even if we don’t believe in them, we’re all prepared to battle them if they take over our town or city like in the Stephen King book ‘Salem’s Lot’ or the hit Netflix TV show ‘Midnight Mass.’ If, by some strange happenstance, vampires do exist and they slowly (or quickly) start changing your friends and neighbors into undead, fanged, creatures of the night who crave blood, have an unhealthy fear of sunlight, we’ll be prepared with garlic, holy water, crucifixes in various sizes, and sharpened wooden stakes.

According to Lawn Love (a lawn care service that shouldn’t know this much about vampires), you should be more prepared for your neighbors turning into bloodthirsty bats and taking on the undead appearance of Rudy Giuliani if you live in a handful of specific cities. That’s because they released a list of the Best Cities for Vampires this Halloween. Keep scrolling to see the list.


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