The Mandatory Father’s Day Gift Guide For the Socially-Distant Son This Year

Father’s Day is almost here and you can’t show up empty-handed, or even show up at all. But even if your celebration this year is taking place on Zoom, your old man deserves the very best, even if he only gave you half your DNA. So make sure your Father’s Day gift this year reflects the closeness you feel to him in spite of the unfortunate physical distance between you. Because there are so many dad-geared gifts on the market, you might feel overwhelmed by the options. Or you might have one of those dads who wants nothing, except for time with the fam, which he obviously can’t have without a good Wifi signal this year. We’ve done the initial window shopping for you and narrowed down the list to these 15 Mandatory Father’s Day gifts, which will impress your pops without breaking the bank. So get shopping without having to go to the ends of the Earth, but whatever you do, make sure you don’t go cheap (but also choose the right shipping for once in your life) on your old man on his big day. Don’t let six feet stop you from being the best son this year.

Cover: Oliver Rossi (Getty)

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