Multi-ethnic, mixed age group of volunteers serves food at a soup kitchen. A variety of food is being served to the under-resourced people in their local community. Christmas season.

Reason for the Season: 9 Small Charities Giving Back (That You Should Give Back to Before the Year Ends)

Why is it that despite the miserable cold and onslaught of rain and snow, winter is the most magical time of the year? We think it’s because winter is the season of giving, the time when all the noise from the year dissipates, leaving only the things that matter in front of us: health, family, and community. By taking a moment to recharge and reset, we give ourselves a chance to rediscover our true north, the person we want to be today, and the legacy we want to leave behind ad infinitum.

It also happens to be a great time to give back by figuring out what organizations are doing work we can feel good about throwing our weight behind. Because when the new year comes and the conveyor belt of our busy lives start turning again, it’s nice to know there are people out there dedicated to putting their hearts to the grindstone to pay forward a better tomorrow. With that in mind, here are nine small charities reminding us of the reason for the season by making the world a brighter place each and every day.

Photo: fstop123 (Getty Images)

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