5 Ways To Boost Your Libido By The End of the Day (And Save Humanity In The Process)

Photo: franckreporter (Getty Images)

Forget oysters and raw chocolate, the real way to boost your libido is by reconnecting with your inner animal. So what’s the fastest way to get there? And does the future of humanity even have room for our primal side, or is tomorrow’s Noah’s ark all about zeros and ones?

A trending report called Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? is claiming that young people are having less sex than ever before, suggesting technology and globalization are the major libido killers responsible for the decline. Creationists may be rejoicing at the prospect of sex (a modern symbol of pleasure) returning to its fabled roots as a tool for survival. For the rest of us, one thing is clear: if we want to keep the appendages of mankind erect above the rising tide of globalization, we are going to have to take a long hard look at the issue.

Until then, here are five ways to boost your libido by the end of the day (and save us from our robotic overlords).

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