Future Tech: Facebook’s Video Focused Gadget Is A Portal Into Your Home

Photo: Facebook

Facebook wants to make video chat happen. The social media giant is forging ahead with the Portal. This is in spite of the collection of recent snafus regarding privacy for users on the platform, This new device is a video chat focused smart screen that most closely resembles Amazon’s Echo Show. Available in two different sizes, the Portal also sports a camera that tracks your every movement during a call. Not creepy at all.

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Despite looking like other video speakers out on the market, Facebook’s Portal feels laser focused. When you’re not yakking with friends, you can listen to Spotify or iHeartRadio. The device will also display chosen pictures from your Facebook profile and stream content from the burgeoning Facebook Watch platform. Other than that and a few other assorted apps, the portal is purely a communications tool. This may be a hard sell, especially when compared to similar devices that double as a screen for more general video content.

The Portal may also be a hard sell because of its makers. It’s no secret that lots of folks don’t trust Facebook with their data in 2018. Needless to say, bringing an omnidirectional microphone and an automatic tracking camera into your home requires a lot of trust. The company recognizes this, with an entire page on the product’s site dedicated to features that try to make you feel safe. Even if it comes with its own plastic camera cover, only time will tell if users seem interested in taking the chance on this particular megacorporation.

The Facebook Portal is available for pre-order now and starts at $200.