Fitbit Tracking Data Solves Murder Case Involving 90 Year Old Stepfather And Some Pizza

When 67-year old Karen Navarra was found dead at her San Jose home on September 13th, it was initially believed to be a suicide. That is until investigators looked at data from the fashionable Fitbit she was wearing at the time of the incident.

Navarra’s Fitbit Alta HR indicated that she had an instantaneous spike in her heart rate at 3:20 p.m. lasting for several minutes. Whatever happened was unlikely to be intentional by her own doing, and frightened her into cardio levels of exercise. By 3:28 p.m. her pulse had stopped.

While this might not seem like much to draw a conclusion from, suspect Anthony Aiello’s car was recorded by nearby surveillance footage showing that he was at the home from 3:12 p.m. to 3:33 p.m, lining up almost perfectly with the instance timing on Navarra’s Fitbit.

90 year old Anthony Aiello

90 year old suspect Anthony Aiello.

Aiello, who is Navarra’s 90-year-old stepfather, argues that he was at the home for a few minutes to deliver pizza and biscotti. Later, fresh blood was found in his garage, and it definitely wasn’t pizza sauce.

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Aiello has since been arrested and held without bail.

A Fitbit activity tracking devices have been used to solve several murder cases in the past few years, including the case of Connie Dabate in 2015 where her data contradicted her husband’s story, later implicating him in her murder.