The Oculus Quest Will Untether Your VR Escapades

Photo: Oculus

It’s fair to say that virtual reality hasn’t taken the world by storm since its debut in 2016. Despite a starring role in the nerd-bait chimera that was Ready Player One, people just don’t seem to be taking to the new technology. This could be due to the cost requirements, as all existing headsets require a beefy computer and an empty room with which to put it in. The future of VR was always going to be wireless, and everyone knows it. It turns out that the Oculus Quest will be your first glimpse into that great big beautiful tomorrow.

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The Oculus Quest is a $400 standalone headset, a beefed up companion piece to the Oculus Go. Coming with two touch controllers in the box, the headset presents itself as a games-first device. Despite that, its form factor and relatively low price should provide a great entry for VR and inspire further innovation. Without the requirement of setting up a computer in an empty room, users will be able to really dive into the multitude of experiences developers have put out over the last 24 months.

That’s not to say that development has stopped. Alongside the headset, Oculus teased Star Wars: Vader Immortal. This three-part episodic experience will let you swing a lightsaber in VR. That’s something that everyone wants to do at least once. For those who have already overdosed on America’s favorite space saga, there’s also Lone Echo II, a sequel to Oculus’ premiere zero-gravity adventure.

Four hundred bucks is still probably a big asking price for what VR is. However, it does show great progress in the technology and hint at the future. Common appliances like DVD players and microwaves were also once out of reach for your average joe. Give it another few years, and everyone and their grandma will be able to go into their own virtual worlds on a whim. If that doesn’t fix our mass societal issues, what will?