Apple One computer auction

This Extremely Rare 40-Year Old Apple Computer Could Fetch Over $300,000 At Auction

One of the oldest Apple computers has hit auction, and it’s quickly gained the attention of techies around the globe.

The Apple Computer 1 seen above isn’t just a significant piece of tech history, its condition is rated at an 8.5/10, making it one of the highest-quality examples of Apple’s early work. It can run Apple Basic, Checkers, various applications, and even read from ACI and digital audio sources without memory or system faults.

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After surviving several decades of wear and tear, it’s currently available for purchase at auction where the starting bid is a whopping $50,000. Early offers suggest it’ll sell for over $300,000 within the week.

The Apple Computer 1 was originally designed by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs to be sold as a kit for modular assembly by circuit board hobbyists during the 70’s. Initially, the idea was to construct 50 of them to sell at $40 per board. Soon after, Steve Jobs struck a deal with a small business in Mountain View called The Byte Shop to build 50 computers for $500 each.

This particular unit was purchased by a hobbyist shortly after its construction for $300. Used for educational purposes, it has spent most of its life in storage, resulting in its pristine condition.

More can be seen at the official RR auction landing page.